As you have probably seen on your Instagram feed or in recent headlines, Instagram is taking a jab at YouTube by now offering long form, vertical videos on its new standalone app, IGTV. Instagram has proven itself to be a place for not only everyday people and celebrities to share content but also for brands, and with IGTV, brands have been given yet another effective way to reach and engage with consumers.

What is IGTV?

When IGTV is opened in Instagram or through its own app, vertical video will begin playing instantly, just like turning on regular TV. On the main feed, users will find videos from the accounts they follow, and there is also a “Popular” tab that shows popular videos that the world is watching. Videos can be up to 10 minutes long, with larger accounts being able to post videos up to one hour long. Although there are currently no ads that play on IGTV, it is something that will be coming soon.

How Can Brands Benefit From IGTV?

YouTube has a hold on the younger generation that no other social media platform has yet to achieve, with 85% of teens using it, according to a recent survey from the Pew Research Center. Instagram created IGTV as an effort to attract this younger generation back to Instagram by offering more engaging video content instead of just photos or stories. IGTV is an effective platform to start using, because a follow on Instagram is an instant follow on IGTV, giving you a new way to reach consumers, including this younger generation, right through Instagram.

For brands that are just getting started with IGTV, posting old videos you may have archived on other social platforms is a simple way to get your channel up and running. When IGTV first launched, Gucci uploaded every runway presentation since 2015. This motion resulted in more views of the presentations by a new set of consumers. This easy way to start posting on IGTV will give your old content a new audience, expanding your reach to the Instagram world.

As for new content, there are endless possibilities for brands to engage with their consumers. Kim Kardashian took to IGTV to give exclusive looks into her new KKW Beauty products, engaging with consumers on a more personal level. Brands can take after this effort by uploading interviews and Q&A’s, tutorials on both new and existing products, and behind the scenes exclusives, or even holding webinars on IGTV.

In a world where long form video continues to grow in popularity among younger generations, brands should act fast with this new platform and start uploading engaging content. With IGTV, brands can now forge deeper connections with their consumers, reach new audiences, and share more content.