What was initially a platform that was engineered with a focus on white collar professionals, LinkedIn has been working to become more inclusive for all professions, no matter the workplace. To work on changing the company’s image, LinkedIn has officially announced that it has rebranded with a new logo, fresh colors, unique photography, and more to become a more inviting platform for all working professionals to use and benefit from.

Although its new branding has not completely rolled out, LinkedIn unveiled its rebranding project with a website that describes what is changing and why the rebranding took place. The company refreshed its logo using only one blue shade, created a more welcoming color palette, and even customized its own font. The shapes used throughout the platform are circles and rectangles that stem from the ‘i’ in the company’s logo.

To truly make an impact from its rebranding, LinkedIn went beyond colors and fonts and integrated its own illustrations and photography into the project. Its unique illustrations will convey real interactions by humans, creating a friendly, approachable brand. As for photography, LinkedIn understands that stock photos can only take a brand so far, so they sought to capture photos of professionals in real-life situations, whether that means coworkers celebrating reaching a goal or an employee stressing over a project.

LinkedIn’s rebranding was a 2-year long project that was sparked by the company’s ‘In It Together’ campaign that was launched back in 2016 in a TV commercial during the Academy Awards. This campaign then flourished into an integrated marketing campaign later that year with marketing efforts including radio, digital, social, billboard, and more and was introduced across the globe. This campaign was LinkedIn’s first movement in becoming a more ‘human’ company that focuses on all its members, from white-collar to blue-collar to everything in between.

Through LinkedIn’s rebranding and various marketing campaigns, the platform seeks to create a more human approach to connecting its members with employment or employees while promoting interaction and engagement within the platform.