Whether large or small, every business has an announcement that needs media coverage. Rather than waiting until the last minute, you should have a few key elements in place so that you are more prepared when it is time to share the news.

From new hires to promotions, awards, safety achievements, facility upgrades, product innovations, mergers, acquisitions, and other milestones, your company will have news to share. This news is valuable to your stakeholders such as your employees, customers, vendors, industry peers, elected officials, community leaders, media, and more. 

That’s why it is important to be prepared. Follow these basic tips to facilitate a smooth process as you prepare to reach out to the media.

Establish and Confirm the Company’s Communications Policy

Even a company with a small number of employees should have a communications policy. You never know when there will be a need to reach out to the media or respond to a media query. Establish primary and secondary spokespersons for the media as well as the process for writing news releases and the approval and submission process.

Have a Solid “About Us” Section That Is Consistent With Your Tagline

When researching, most media members will look at the company’s website and the “About us” section is often the first peek into a company. Make sure your website is current and that your news release has a boilerplate that is consistent with the “About us” section on your website.

Social Media Platforms Should Be Up to Date

The media and other stakeholders will also likely visit your social media platforms as well as your website. Make sure your social media sites’ content and photographs are relevant and up to date. In addition, be sure that you do not “scoop” potential media coverage by first posting the news event on your social media and/or website.

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