The objectives of promotion are pretty straightforward: present information to consumers, increase demand and differentiate a product. We think Nivea accomplished all three of these objectives with their latest promotional video for the Nivea Doll. Coming off of last year’s Cannes Mobile Gran Prix win for their Protection Ad, Nivea is at it again, informing and demonstrating the importance of protecting kids from the sun. 

The video shows parents attempting to put sunscreen on their youngster while protests of wiggling and whining occur—that is until the Nivea team arrives. The group from Nivea hands out adorable dolls to the children on the beach, but these dolls do so much more than distract the kids from their sunblock application distress. These dolls are actually designed to teach kids the importance of sun block use. 
The dolls are made with a UV-sensitive material that turns red—to simulate a sunburn—if it is set in the sun without any protection on. If the Nivea sunscreen is applied to the doll, it does not turn red, demonstrating to kids the effect and the benefit of wearing sunscreen. One thing the team from Nivea noticed while doing this promotion on the beaches of Rio de Jeneiro was that the children were taking care of their dolls the way their parents were taking care of them. “Protecting and caring is something we learn from an early age. This emotional bond is what this Nivea action offers,” Joanna Monteiro, Creative VP at FCB Brazil noted, “Through the magic of technology, children can see the sun’s effect on the skin of the doll.”
This instant illustration of consequences was the work of the agency FCB Brazil and was an excellent demonstration of out-of-home advertising,