This article should serve as a reminder to everyone to be very cautious about exactly what you are doing on Facebook. If you are a Facebook regular, you have probably noticed the term “Socialcam” popping up on your newsfeed. Socialcam is an app that allows you to share user-generated videos such as those on YouTube. By simply clicking “accept” you are giving Facebook permission to use this app on your profile. What that means is every single video you watch will be posted to your newsfeed for all your friends to see. Many people who have this app don’t realize that their Facebook friends are seeing embarrassing video titles like “How to Steal 23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPods In 31 Seconds” as well as the provocative pictures that accompany them. This Yahoo article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to turn the app off. Even if you don’t think you have enabled this app, please do us all a favor and make sure using the instructions in this article! This has been an R&M public service announcement.