A large polar bear escaped and was wandering around London on Tuesday, terrifying residents! Luckily, it was all just an advertisement! That’s right, a live action advertisement. The eight-foot-tall animated bear meandering through the city was all part of an ad for Sky Atlantic’s new TV crime drama Fortitude, which is set in a small Arctic town. 

The stunt was operated by puppeteers and orchestrated by Taylor Herring. Herring has a history of doing stunts such as this, including staging the beached dragon skull for Game of Thrones in 2013. Surprisingly enough, this wasn’t the first polar bear to roam around London.  Back in 2012, as a part of an ad from Greenpeace, a homeless polar bear walked around the city to create awareness about climate change.

We think it is great when companies and brands go outside the box and add a mysterious element to their advertising. Kudos, Taylor Herring!