Another Super Bowl has come and gone, and while the game itself wasn’t that exciting (Seattle Seahawks win in a blow-out), we were excited to view the Holy Grail of advertising on display. All in all, the general consensus was a bit underwhelming this year. There seems to be at least one or two ads that have EVERYONE talking, whether they was controversial, heartwarming or just plain weird. This year’s group didn’t seem to have that one viral sensation, which very well may have been because a lot of the ads were released days before the Big Game aired. There were a few highlights, however.


We reviewed this ad last week, as it was one of the ones that were released early. This spot, featuring the famous Clydesdales and possibly the cutest puppy ever, seems to have "won" Super Bowl advertising, if there was such an honor. Heartwarming, funny and a hit song combine for the perfect spot.

Radio Shack

Take a step back in time to the 1980s! Radio Shack hasn’t really been relevant for what seems like forever, and its Super Bowl ad playfully addresses that. The "Phone Call" features classic 80s icons and music, and that will make anyone smile.


Simple yet effective, the ad takes you through the life of a father and son as the father and his "sixth sense" frequently saves the son from your every day harm that kids just seem to find. And then the "kid" gets his driver’s license, and the Hyundai Genesis "saves the day" with its safety features. The spot is cute and very relatable.


Because, Bob Dylan. And who doesn’t love a good patriotic, feel-good spot?

Budweiser (Again)

Yes, Budweiser’s on here twice. Let’s face it – they have Super Bowl advertising down to a science. This spot features an actual American soldier returning home from deployment to a homecoming he’ll never forget. Grab the tissues.

And then there’s this. We’d be remiss not to cover it. A local Savannah personal injury attorney creates a two-minute Super Bowl spot referencing his brother’s tragic death. Although the spot only aired in the Savannah area, the YouTube video has gained an immense amount of national recognition from Huffington Post to Rolling Stone, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re not from the area, you may not understand the story behind it, but there are plenty of action-packed effects, over-the-top imagery and hard-core rock music to keep you entertained. As of this writing, the spot has over 60,000 views in less than 24 hours.