Sometimes it’s all right to be a little tongue-in-cheek when it comes to advertising. It’s a fine line to walk, but when it works, it is usually immensely successful. Take Organic Valley’s #SaveTheBros campaign for example. This campaign is skillfully teasing, in good nature, the exact audience the brand is trying to reach.  The brand is pushing its Organic Fuel product, which is a healthy, natural protein drink that does not consist of any fake flavoring, GMOs, sweeteners, artificial hormones or antibiotics as found in other fitness products.  

The Organic Valley campaign features a PSA-style video informing the public that our #swole bros may be in danger from consuming artificial fitness products and how we can all #SaveTheBros and the bro lifestyle by informing them about the Organic Fuel product. 

The Save The Bros Organic Fuel campaign launched Tuesday, February 17, across several digital platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google PPC—all of which direct users to The campaign’s landing page houses information about the product, a “buy one, bro one” voucher, Save The Bro promotional products for sale and a hashtag feed that features images with hashtags a bro might use, including #yoked, #swole, #jacked, #brolife, and #bulkingseason. 
This well-rounded and entertaining campaign has received a lot of engagement over the last 24 hours, but only time will tell what kind of return on investment it will have for the company. Do your part to #SaveTheBros, and check out