Trends can be tricky, and the line between blending in and standing out is fine. On one hand, you want your business to create engaging, relevant content. On the other hand, you want to ensure your business isn’t watered down by creating inauthentic posts that everyone else is making. If you’re left wondering, “Should my business even be following trends?”, here are a few questions to consider. 

Is the Trend Relevant to Your Business? 

Does your content serve a purpose? Is it part of a strategy or bringing attention to your company or its products and services? Before participating in a trend, it is critical to make sure it meshes well with your existing content. Posting random, trending TikToks or Reels can come off to your audience as confusing or even unprofessional if they aren’t used in the right way. Consider your brand’s tone and what type of information a trend could help you share that matches your business’s personality. 

Does It Help You Meet Your Goals? 

Participating in trends is an excellent way to incorporate more video content on your platforms, increase reach, or promote your products. However, it’s essential to set goals for your content. This could include views, clicks, or engagement. If you don’t think following a trend will help you achieve your goals, you may be better off not participating. However, if you feel that this type of content is the push your business needs to reach that goal, go for it! Just remember to keep it relevant.

Are You Creating Innovative, Original Content, Too?

It’s important to make sure you’re providing your audience with a good mix of content, not just trends. A touch of trendy content throughout your normally scheduled content keeps your audience engaged and can even encourage reach outside of your audience, which will hopefully gain your business a few more followers who want to see more of your original content. However, providing unique brand-related content to your audience is absolutely necessary. 

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