The front cover of the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is generating buzz because it features a plus size model for the very first time. But it’s not the only part of the magazine that’s stirring up some chatter. The back cover is becoming the talk of the town as well — at least in the advertising world. Snickers pounced on the photoshopping fail fad and hit a home run with its perfectly timed parody. 
“Photo retouchers get confused when they’re hungry,” explains the headline.
They also placed the inside back cover with a similar hunger-driven malfunction. 
“Wind machine operators get loopy when they’re hungry.”
This is the second year Snickers has purchased the back cover of SI’s swimsuit issue. Last year’s back cover featured Medusa as part of their “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign.
 for being so clever.
(see what we did there!)