As technology continues to evolve, more and more people are stepping away from traditional radio and leaning towards radio’s streaming competitors: Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube. With this shift in how consumers are accessing media, many advertisers are also shifting some of their focus towards music streaming platforms. To cater to advertisers, Spotify is taking the necessary steps to make it easier for brands to get their message heard by listeners with more targeting options and editing tools.

Interest and Real-Time Context Targeting

Previously, Spotify advertisers have only been able to target consumers through basic demographics including age, location, genre of music, and the device they are listening on. To offer more specific targeting tools, Spotify has now added the options to target listeners based on interests and/or real-time contexts. With interest targeting, advertisers can choose to push their ads towards listeners who have an interest in fitness, travel, podcasts, and more. These interests are discovered based on the podcasts and playlists that listeners regularly listen to.

As for real-time context targeting, Spotify advertisers can now catch listeners during specific moments during their day, whether that be while cooking, exercising, partying, and more. When advertisers choose real-time context targeting, their ads will show up for listeners based on the playlists they are currently listening to. 

Editing Tools

To further enhance the Spotify Ad Studio experience for advertisers, Spotify has also added the option to edit your live campaigns. This way, after your campaign has already started running, you have the ability to add or remove targeting; change your click through URL, image, and audio script; adjust your budget; extend the length of the campaign; and pause, resume, or stop your campaign.

With Spotify continuously advancing its suite of advertising tools, it is becoming a stronger platform for brands to advertise on. With more than 217 million users, Spotify could be the next advertising avenue you explore to have your message be heard by targeted audiences. If you are interested in integrating Spotify advertising into your marketing strategy, our team can help you achieve successful campaigns. Contact us today to get started!