Another Super Bowl has come and gone, and a big “Congratulations” goes out to the New England Patriots on their victory over the Seahawks. Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about the ads. 
There was a strong theme throughout many of the ads featured Sunday night—Emotion. Oh my goodness! These Super Bowl commercials were a rollercoaster of emotions. The top tissue-grabbing commercials included Nationwide’s “The Boy Who Couldn’t Grow Up,” Budweiser’s “Lost Puppy” and Microsoft’s “Empowering Us All” spots. The father-centric ads from Dove Men, Toyota and Nissan also pulled on our heartstrings. 
Within the mix of emotions, there were a few ads that made us laugh, including, two Super Bowl advertising newbies—Loctite and Skittles. Loctite Glue’s Positive Feelings ad “stuck” with us all night, and Skittles’ stayed true to their quirky brand while pushing the hashtag #SettleIt. The Snickers’ Brady Bunch ad, along with NASCAR on NBC featuring Nick Offerman, also kept us entertained. 
Some other big game highlights (other than the game-changing interception and a team-on-team brawl) include Chevy’s unique Super Bowl Blackout ad that kicked the night off and T-Mobile’s “One-Upped” ad that one-upped its other big game spot that featured Kim Kardashian. Overall, however, the commercials were a little bit of a let down compared to previous years. There were very few memorable ads but with that being said, here are our favorites of the night:
Unexpected, heartwarming and exciting, Dodge’s “Here’s To The Next 100 Years” ad is Ted’s Super Bowl 2015 favorite.

Lisa thought the P&G Always “#LikeAGirl” ad hit a home run.

The Snickers “Brady Bunch: An Eye For An Eye” ad had John entertained.

Our resident NASCAR fan, Alex, thoroughly enjoyed Nick Offerman’s Ode to NASCAR for NASCAR on NBC.

Diane and Kinzie both thought the Loctite Glue “Positive Feelings” ad was the best of the night.

Entertaining and lighthearted, Mandy found the Avocados from Mexico “First Draft Ever” commercial to be her favorite. 

Cassie enjoyed the BMW “Newfangled Idea” ad. “What is Internet anyway?”

Which Super Bowl commercial was your favorite? We’d love to hear it!