It is second nature for companies and brands to make short thirty-second or sixty-second television commercials. But it has also become common for companies and brands to release online-only videos, which are typically extended versions of the TV commercials, and it is often those videos that leave an impression. As this year winds down, it’s time to take look back on the best viral online ads of 2014. The top twenty ads, compiled by AdWeek, were shared the most, but not necessarily the most viewed. This year’s top twenty viral ads are filled with World Cup promotions, the most adored Super Bowl ad, messages of women empowerment, pranks and more. We have selected our favorite out of the top twenty and you can see the full list at

Have you ever left something on a plane? Well, this feel-good ad from the Netherlands promotes a fuzzy asset that only KLM provides.
20. KLM: “Lost And Found Service” – 670,401 shares

John Lewis did an excellent job at reaching everyone’s inner-child and touching the soft spot for love. They also did a great job at continuing the story with the hashtag #MontyThePenguin. This is the first ad on the list that features a hashtag. 
17. John Lewis: “Monty the Penguin” – 770,187 shares

This ad by Volkswagen is shot in a hidden-camera manner and shows unsuspecting moviegoers how crucial it is to never text and drive. This startling ad was featured on our blog back in June.
15. Volkswagen: “Eyes on the Road” – 805,766 shares

This Save the Children PSA shows us a year in the life of a young child in a war stricken state, one day at a time. 
12. Save the Children: “Most Shocking Second a Day Video” – 973,164 shares

Yet another viral ad that will make you feel good, this one also makes you want to do better. This was another ad featured on our blog back in April. 
9. Thai Life Insurance: “Unsung Hero” – 1.29 million shares

This year we have seen an increase in videos that feature equality and feminism and something we have learned along the way is that young girls are full of self-confidence. 
7. Always: “Like a Girl” – 1.48 million shares

This video puts into perspective what a tough job mothers do have. It is no surprise it made the top 5 of AdWeek’s top 20 viral ads. 
5. American Greetings: “World’s Toughest Job” – 1.89 million shares

The Budweiser ad, a crowd favorite during the Super Bowl, showed us what real #BestBuds look like. Budweiser also did a nice job with the double entendre in the hashtag. This “aww”-worthy ad was featured on our blog in January.
4. Budweiser: “Puppy Love” – 1.98 million shares

Almost like a short movie, this ad is something a little different from what you would normally see from Nike and that’s why it made our favorites list.
3. Nike: “The Last Game” – 2.15 million shares

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