From 24 hour news channels to the rise of social media, public relations (PR) continues to adapt with whatever the world throws at it. Even the definition of PR continues to change with its evolving role. In past years, the industry was more focused on publicity, but as we take a look at today’s definition, PR focuses more on engagement and building relationships. 

PR professionals used to deal with more of a broadcasting style of communication, which didn’t allow for much feedback from the public. But, because of the internet’s evolution, communication has opened up a two-way street. This allows for the public’s feedback to be almost instant, which can be beneficial or harmful. Businesses can see how a campaign is running based on the immediate response of the target audience, which is beneficial for developing strong strategies. But, it can be harmful if there is a crisis you can’t contain because of the many outlets available to express dissatisfaction. 

Several years ago, if a PR professional wanted a story published, they would send a press release to a journalist with the hopes of it getting picked up. In this digital era, traditional media use is dwindling, and influencers are being used to help target a specific audience on various social media platforms. 

Despite the many changes of the PR industry, many things will always remain true about this industry. The main interest is to protect the brand and engage in building mutually beneficial relationships. It is always important to stay up-to-date with trends and adapt quickly to new innovations that will help your company grow. Here at RobMark, we have been taking care of public relations needs for over 30 years and would love to help promote your brand and develop strategies to assist in your company’s growth.