If you haven’t noticed lately, blogging has become a marketing strategy that many businesses are putting into use. Blogging is used for many different reasons, but why has it become so important? Blogs give readers a conversational feel; it makes the company portray a more personal demeanor. Before you purchase any product, you want to be aware of the company you are buying from. Reading a company’s blog can help consumers familiarize themselves with that company. Blogging also allows businesses to show off their expertise in the industry.  The consumer’s ability to go on a business’s website and read blogs about the business, its products or services, and industry trends builds trust between the consumer and the business.
Future buyers also place their trust into numbers or data that focuses on the company they are interested in buying from. As Social Media Today states, companies that blog regularly generate 67% more leads a month than companies that tend to not blog. That’s a vast difference. If more businesses realized how much blogging could help grow their audience and increase sales, many would flock to this marketing strategy.  If companies continually generate fresh, engaging content via blogs, users will be able to develop a better understanding of all the company has to offer, even if they have never heard of the company. Blogging also improves SEO since a critical part of blogging is the keywords and the tags listed at the end of a blog. These features allow Google to rank each piece of content, making it easier for users to locate based on their searches. Many marketing methods go out of style, but blogging keeps information fresh and current and is a tried and true marketing method.