In today’s economic environment, it’s no secret that finding a job has become an undeniably difficult process. Setting yourself apart from the countless others who are competing for the same job is not an easy task, especially when all you have to show is a resume and cover letter. That’s why some companies have turned to less conventional ways to find prospective employees.

Take interactive colleague, BFG Communications, for example. In order to fill their open social media position, BFG Communications figured that the best way to hire an expert in all things social media was to watch him or her in action. That’s why they asked their potential hires to axe the resume and cover letter and just post a single tweet that summed up their qualifications. (For you Twitter newbies, a single tweet is 140 characters.) The winner? Freelancer and graphic designer Hal Thomas. His tweet included links to his blog as well as a photoshopped magazine cover that touted BFG’s “epic rise to social media dominance.” To read the tweet for yourself and the full article on how Hal Thomas used Twitter to get a job, you can do so here.