As marketers, we obviously love social media for the communication and engagement tools it provides our clients. But it’s also great to hear when social media is used for the common good, such as to encourage donations or save lives. That’s why when we came across Twitcident, we had to give a shout out. When emergencies happen, the Internet basically blows up into a fury of information, and sadly, misinformation. The game  of "telephone" is taken to a whole new level  on Twitter, and news often gets exaggerated or plain misreported. That’s where Twitcident comes in. This platform analyzes and filters public user tweets during an emergency to include only the most relevant and trustworthy information such as photos, videos or geolocation tags. The platform was created with first responders in mind, but is useful for anyone looking to receive updates on an emergency. It’s a win-win for everyone. Kudos Twitcident! Via