Last month, I wrote about the evolution of the English language to something more casual and conversational as a result of texting, tweeting, Facebook, and all things digital. Still don’t believe me? The Oxford Dictionary has chosen the word “unfriend” as its 2009 Word of the Year. For any newbies out there, to “unfriend” means to remove someone from your Facebook or Myspace friends list. This prestigious honor is chosen based on popularity, everyday usage and longevity. For those of you who think that social media is a fad, the Oxford Dictionary begs to differ. “Unfriend” wasn’t the only digitally based nominee, either. Others included words like “hashtag,” which is a common Twitter term, and “intexticated” which means to be distracted while driving because you are texting on your cell phone, similar to “intoxicated.” You can read the full story here. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Digital Age.