Wow, talk about big budget advertising. According to a report from AdAge, Facebook is asking $700,000 PER DAY for a takeover ad on its log-out page. According to the article, which cites unnamed sources, "log-out ads aren’t available as a stand-alone purchase but are bundled with premium home-page ads that users see on their news feeds. The one-day ask to own the log-out page in the U.S. was $550,000 for home-page ads, plus $160,000 for the log-out inventory." Now if your brand has that kind of budget, the incentives are pretty sweet. First, as we all know, Facebook has over 800 million users that could potentially see the ad. Secondly, the page layout is such that the ad is really the only thing you see on the page. The ad can contain video, links and other fun interactive elements. On the downside, only 37 million of the 845 million current Facebook users actually log out on a daily basis. As of today, Subway has taken over this space with a video featuring current spokesperson and NBA player, Blake Griffin. What do you think? Are these ads worth the money or outrageously overpriced?