Over the last decade we have seen a significant rise in Internet advertising.  Many of our clients request us to design and build ads that will be featured on websites.  Whether skyscrapers (tall and skinny) or banner (wide and short), we’ve designed them all.  Featuring flash, animation, links and clever copy, the ads we provide for our clients invite users to click on the ad (the obvious goal) and also explore the website they are linked to.

How is this achieved?  It’s a complicated process, but the best way to make your Internet ad a success is to examine a few questions.  First, how does the website you are advertising on relate to your own website?  Second, what do you want users to do when they click through to your site? And last, what will inspire users to click on your ad?  Although these steps may sound easy, it is a trial and error process.  Checking analytics is a great way to judge your ad’s success.  Reviewing your website statistics will guide you on how to improve your ads.

Need inspiration?  Check out this super clever (and award winning) banner ad from Pringles.  Happy Clicking!