Advertising’s biggest stage, the Super Bowl, is almost upon us and we at Robmark are more than excited to see what the latest and greatest commercials will be. Some of the most memorable ads of all time debuted during the most-watched televised event of the year, and brands will go to extreme lengths to make sure their commercial gets noticed. Often, getting noticed involves taking risks, which can lead to some of the best or worst commercials. Pushing the envelope works if done well, but if not can produce far more harm than good. Luckily for us, MSNBC has compiled their list of “10 of the Worst Super Bowl Ads Ever Created” complete with video for our viewing pleasure. Some were horribly offensive while others were just plain boring, and then there were some that just made no sense at all. Here’s a sneak peak at one such advertising blunder on the list:




You can see the complete list here.