Social media has quickly evolved from profiles filled with text and photos to News Feeds flooded with GIFs, videos, Lives, stickers, and more as people become more interested in engaging experiences. Digital advertisers have taken note of this, and they are constantly looking for ways to adapt their strategies and create these kinds of memorable and interactive experiences for consumers. To help brands embrace this trend, Facebook announced last week that it is introducing three new ad formats that will allow Facebook ads to feature playful elements including video polls, AR experiences, and miniature games.

Video Poll Ads

Live polls are relatively new to social media, and you may have already seen poll stickers in Instagram Stories ads. Facebook is expanding this format and will offer a video poll format as an option for Facebook Mobile Feed ads later this month. This way, brands can ask their consumers questions and get real-time responses. Although advertisers cannot see which users picked which option, they can see how many people voted for each option. E! has already started using this feature by interacting with users before the season 4 premiere of Total Bellas and as a means to stay connected throughout the season.

Augmented Reality (AR) Ads

 Augmented reality has been a hot trend in the marketing world for a couple of years, and now Facebook is introducing new AR ad products that will launch in beta in fall. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was one of a few beauty brands that has been a part of testing these AR ads, and the makeup company created an ad that allowed users to try on its new Luxe Matte Lip Color line. This ad format allows users to interact more with the brand and get a better, more personalized feel for potential purchases.

Playable Ads

Lastly, Facebook is also expanding on its playable format by making it available to all advertisers. This format allows advertisers to create miniature games and include them in their ads. As we head into the holidays, Vans has started using Facebook’s playable ads format and included a game where users could direct Vans founder Steve Van Doren down a mountain while collecting gifts. This ad format made users interact more with the ad, thus increasing the chance for a user to click on the ad and continue to the website or offer.

Social media advertising is all about creating two-way communication between consumers and brands. By adding interactive elements to businesses’ advertising strategies, it not only facilitates this kind of communication, but also makes ads more eye-catching. With Facebook’s interactive ad solutions, digital advertisers can get more creative than ever on the platform and connect with consumers on a more meaningful level while increasing conversions. For all of your social media advertising needs, contact our team of experts, and we will work with you to create a successful social plan for your organization.